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Promoting sincerity and integrity in work places and connecting job seekers to their dream jobs.

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Einst Personnel
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This is an innovative and value driven company in the business of personnel management and staff supplies. We assist companies and establishments to make informed decisions on whom to hire and also help to bring out the best in employees and keep them on their hills in discharging their assigned responsibilities and at the same time supply both long term and short term staff to companies.
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Please register with EPMS Ltd for immediate employment if you have experience in any of the following areas:
  • Cashiers -Abuja
  • Auditors- Abuja
  • Sale Representatives- Abuja
  • Furniture Installers- Abuja
  • Continental Chefs- Abuja
  • Africana Chefs -Abuja
  • Waitresses -Abuja
  • Waiters - Abuja
Please register or contact EPMS Ltd immediately if you're interested in any of the above jobs



Applying Knowledge technology for business Protection.
Working to promote sincerity and integrity at work places by supporting businesses to make informed decisions.

Our Concerns

  • The success of any business lies solely on the overall behavioural attitude towards the designated jobs of its staff.

  • Staff behave well when aware their employer could pass negative or positive comment about them that could affect their chances of securing a job in future. People are more responsible in this context and the society is more peaceful.

  • Unwholesome behaviours are punished making people more careful in carrying out any assigned task.

  • Companies do not need to be scared anymore about the competence and attitude towards job of their new recruits when someone is there to take responsibility of their actions.

  • Competent, dedicated and honest skilled persons on the street can get connected to the right individuals or companies without fear.

How We Co-operate

  • We provide you with platform to run background checks on any new staff you intend to hire.

  • We provide you with qualified, sincere and hardworking staff with good records from previous employments places.

  • We supply you with trained, sincere and hardworking and trusted AD-HOC staff. Skilled in any areas you may need.

  • Our system generally provides information about the previous activities of the staff you want to engage. It provides you with enough information to make independent but good decision about any staff you want to engage.

Security Of Data

We understand the sensitivity of personal data, therefore, the data we have is stored in a highly secured database that can only be released to a registered company on need bases and after fulfilling some set terms and conditions. We protect our reputation by ensuring that personal data entrusted to us is treated with utmost confidentiality and in accordance with existing data protection Laws. 

The following are our responsibilities to your data we have.
  • All personal data is well secured.

  • No personal data can be disclosed either verbally, in writing, accidentally or otherwise without the consent of the person to which the information is held against.

  • Any queries or request for data disclosure must be responded to very securely.

  • The set protocol must be followed when disclosing information to companies no matter who is involved.


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