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Einst personnel management Services (EPMS) Ltd is a private establishment that has undertaken the task of providing platform for public and private sectors to make informed recruitment decisions by identifying those who may be suitable for positions they seek to fill. EPMS Ltd already have a good number of working and job seekers with both positive and negative comments from the current and previous employers in its database. The aim is to provide businesses with this information with the consent of the seeking staff so that businesses can make informed decisions about who they are hiring. The need for this came as a result of incessant cases of stealing, cheating, lying and other inappropriate behaviors usually indulged in by the employees.
There are several cases of staff stealing from their employers. Some of these cases are not always reported to law enforcement agencies. The most common form of punishment is usually summarily dismissal. The dismissed staff will eventually secure a new employment with another establishment with nothing to suggest such unwholesome offence was committed in the past. Such former employee will learn new techniques to perfect the nefarious behaviour before seeking the new employment.
It is also noted that there is no system in place to reward sincere and dedicated staff. Some sincere and dedicated employees find it challenging to secure a new employment after exiting one since there is no record in place to portray them worthy in character and possibly distinguish them from those who may have committed offence in the past.
Also, High level of insecurity, lack of commitment, insincerity and incompetence of most skilled personnel in the street today also have created fear in the hearth of individuals and companies with little or temporal jobs such as painting, tiling, mason, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, cleaning, house help, taxi drivers and personal driving jobs etc. such that the good ones are as well suffering from the distrust since there is no system in place to single them out.
On this note, EPMS Ltd is providing a platform to ensure wholesome protection of businesses from malicious behaviours of employees while adequately rewarding diligent employees by making sure they don’t stay out of job for long. At the same time helping companies and individuals hire faithful and trusted staff into various needed capacities.
In order to further protect you and your business, EPMS Ltd have undertaken the task to provide you with well trained, sincere and hardworking painters, drivers, mechanics, cleaners, mason, plumbers, electricians, sales persons, house helpers, hair dressers/stylists, fashion designers, makeup artists, cooks, computer operators, private teachers and so on, with good records from their working experience as AD-HOC staff anytime anywhere.


In order to set this process running and continue to protect your businesses, we request that you kindly allow your staff to go to and add their data to our database or invite EPMS ltd to register your employees in our database through one of our agents. With this we can bring out the best in your staff and get them become more active and sincere at work. We also welcome information about your previous employees if readily available. Though we are more interested in the information about good and dedicated staff so as to make them more available for employment, we are also in need of those with questionable behaviours whom you may have dismissed due to unhealthy behaviour. Please note that EPMS-LTD cannot in anyway recommend a staff working for a company for another job, and the information supplied to EPMS-LTD cannot in any circumstances be disclosed to and individual. It can only be disclosed to companies or establishments with the consent of the person who's information is being sort after.