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                      Please kindly read through and agree to the following terms and conditions
1. Applicants must register in EPMS portal to be considered for placement. No job is offered without prior registration in EPMS portal (
2. Receipt of application must be acknowledged by email or text.
3. Applicants must attend general interview session, followed by task specific interview before job placement.
4. The candidate must consent to EPMS performing a background check on him.
5. The applicants to be considered for placement must provide the following
• Residential address
• Place of current or previous assignment
• A guarantor or referee (must be public or private employee or religious leader within the community)
6. Candidates must complete criminal record form
7. Candidates must present one of the following means of identification
• Driver’s license
• National Identity card
• International passport
8. On successful interview and background checks, the candidates would be deployed to any requesting clients
9. A candidate that wishes to withdraw from assigned duty before the successful completion of at least one (1) month in t the place assigned  will pay to EPMS LTD the sum of #10,000 or 20% of the agreed salary of the first month (Which is bigger)
10. Though the candidates are deployed to companies, they remain employees of EPMS LTD until after probation period.
11. Probation period starts as soon as the candidate has been assigned to EPMS client.
12. Probation period last for four (4) months. Upon successful completion of the probation period, the employee, on the will of the client will become the employee of the client.
13. During the probation period, EPMS deducts 20% of the monthly salary as service charge. This deduction stops on the successful completion of the probation period.
14. During the probation period, candidate’s salaries and other entitlements are paid by the client through EPMS ltd. On successful completion of the probation period, the client will then offer direct payment to the employee without deductions.
15. Every EPMS employee must give at least one-month notice if leaving the company when already assigned to a company and one week notice if yet to be assigned.
16. Candidates must complete monthly performance evaluation form while on probation.
17. EPMS staff must report immediately in event of any accusation or misunderstanding with client.
18. EPMS staff must confirm from EPMS LTD before carrying out any task not stated by the client when requesting for staff.
19. Candidate would be withdrawn at the slightest sign of mistrust by the company and replaced.
20. Every unruly behaviour or behaviour that suggest mistrust by EPMS staff would be investigated and if found guilty would be punished accordingly.
21. Request for any entitlements from EPMS staff to the client must be made through EPMS LTD.
22. Though EPMS LTD do not claim or request whole or part of any donations or favour to its employee from clients, however, while on probation, every donations and other favours to EPMS staff must be made known to EPMS LTD by email for record purposes.
23. Any request for absence to work due to illness or other serious issues must be made through EPMS LTD within a reasonable time frame before the next shift.
24. This terms and conditions is subject to review from time to time.